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Cyber Monday Song

Folks are lining up at all the internet stores today for Cyber Monday.   Probably a little more my speed in the whole Christmas deals thing.   I’m probably more likely to write a song about the scenario, like I did here.  Thanks for listening!


Dreaming on Christmas Morning. December 25th

As a kid, those last few hours half asleep before getting up and opening presents was always an excited sleepy state.   This instrumental is that final dreamy feeling before it’s finally time to wake the parents up and get the party started.   Merry Christmas!!

Cyber Monday Blues. November 29th

As if Black Friday wasn’t enough.  Now we have Cyber Monday.  Ah, the 21st century.   I was going to write a song for today and then I realized I had one already done (that I wrote and recorded last week) that plays to this theme perfectly.    Happy Cyber shopping!