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Music for Newborns

Music for Newborns started when I saw the image of Joy, two days old, and knew it was the cover of my next album.  I heard the sound in my head and lets face it, I love to make niche albums, so I started working on it right away.
Much of this was composed the first couple of days after bringing Joy and Coral home from the hospital; most of it with them sitting right beside me in their baby chairs. They seemed to like it. Hopefully they weren’t just being polite.

Music for Newborns full coverI’m a huge baroque and classical fan and I was a music theory/composition minor in college, so it was only a matter of time before I did something like this. The beauty is that Music for Newborns is the soundtrack for our twins’ first six months. The album is relaxing but has lots of counterpoint which I was hoping would inspire imagination and sweet dreams for babies and parents.  Counterpoint is a style of using overlapping melodies popularized by JS Bach and something that I’ve employed on my rock albums for quite some time.   My goal here was to make it simple with complex undertones, but it’s really all about the french horns, bassoon and oboes, my favorite (and possibly over used) instruments.

Watching the kids monitor while mixing late at night.
Watching the kids monitor while mixing late at night.

The song ‘Owls’ Call’ is especially poignant.  Right before Adair decided she was definitely in labor, the owls that come to our Reynoldstown back yard on occasion started being very noisy.  We both heard them, even with me cranking up mixes in the studio trying to finish my Life’s A Love Song project.  Since they had been seemingly signaling every other milestone pregnancy event, we naturally felt that their energetic bombast was the sign that we needed to pet the dogs and go meet our kids. The song reflects the calm we felt as we left for the unknown.

The other songs play on an array of emotions anchored by piano or guitar.  The album finishes with “Waking Up” which I tried to do in a tempo that would alternately either get you stirring a bit to wake up or continue to dream that semi-conscious skewed revelry you were drifting in and out of.   Thanks for listening!

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October 9th “Walking Contradiction”

One of my few (ha) character flaws is that I am a walking contradiction.  My opinion of everything changes constantly.  This is probably due to my easy going nature.  But it’s also the way I take in life, I always try to enjoy everything.   Sometimes the contrasts are a little to hard to enjoy but that doesn’t mean I might not like it the next time.   I think that’s how I’m able to keep writing music after all these years.  I’m able to contradict my musical tastes constantly.  That’s why I listen to as much classical music and opera as I do Slayer.   It all depends on your mood.


August 4th “Processing the Process”

I am worn out to say the least after a brutal day recycling in Hildebran, NC.  Hence, a work based song.   I guess after listening to nothing but classical music all day, I was inspired to write a sludge-metal song with an Iron Maiden-style interlude in the middle.

The title actually came from what the phone guy said when I was once again sending off my iPhone for a new one.  Thanks for listening!


May 20th “Suite 2.0″

For about the last six months I’ve been mostly listening to classical music when I’m working or riding in the car.   I’ve heard everything else so many times that it’s refreshing to be constantly hearing new pieces of music that I rent from the library and hear on WDAV.    I’ll still listen to all kinds of stuff but old Vivaldi keeps calling me back.

That’s what inspired this one.   This is my keyboard classical composition.