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Cool Air Attitude (song of the day)

This is my favorite fall song (by me) at the moment.  I’ve actually got an album written built around this song but haven’t quite gotten it recorded the way I want yet.  This is the original version, hopefully the new version is forthcoming.


October 13th “Winter’s Coming Back Again”

Today is supposed to be a little cooler so I figured I’d post this one.   It’s about feeling Fall for the first time.   I wrote a song that started like this, sophomore year at Appalachian State in Cone dorm, but I have no idea where it went from there.  I’m sure I have a TDK with the 8-track Tascam version of that song somewhere.   This version turned out pretty good.   I captured my whole Neil Young and the Bluenotes tone that I used to love so much around that time.  Thanks for listening!