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The First Frost (song of the day)

I’ll continue with the ‘fall songs’ today since I’m actually home and able to do so.  I think last night was supposed to have been the first frost in Atlanta.   I thought to myself do I have a song about that?  And wouldn’t you know it.  I sure do and this is it.  Thanks for listening!

October 21st “Magnolia Nights”

The North winds are blowing and it’s finally starting to get a little chilly.  The perfect time for a song like “Magnolia Nights”.   The guts of this song harks back to The Seeing-Eye Band days of the early 90’s.  I basically decided to re-write this song mainly because Mike Lowdermilk, who was in the band, always liked it so much.  So this new version is for Mike.   Although it’s not quite the same without Mike, Jeramy Lamanno, Jason Peeler and Kirk Leonhardt playing along with me.   Thanks for listening!