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March 20 “As the Earth Spirals Around”

A rainy day in the studio recording and mixing Wicked Addiction.   We finished the tracking, I just need to put a final mix on it.

As for my songs, I managed to write this one right as my time for the night is winding down.  I’ve got a long week ahead and need to rest up tonight because it may be my only chance.

“As the Earth Spirals Around” was started from some of my old words that I’ve put into my ‘random lines’ section in my computer.   As I’ve mentioned, I was very prolific as a youth and can sometimes get some good stuff from my old writing.



March 18 “Six Second Delay”

I had a good time recording some friends of mine today.   Wicked Addiction, a heavy metal band out of Hickory also features my bass player Chris Singleton on drums.   He rocks it too.   It was fun wearing my engineer hat again for the weekend.

Somehow I managed to get up early and write this one.   I just got a new analog synthesizer for Chris Cates & the Master Plan live performances and I got to use it on this.   I’m now going to be doing synth solos live along with the harmonica and guitar solos.   For you techies, I got a Akai  MINIAK and I’m liking it so far.

“Six Second Delay” is my Coldplay inspired song for the month.   It’s got surreal imagery about the vagueness of life.

Read the lyrics @ chriscates.com/march18.html