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Thank You Carlos Santana – song of the day

I just got back to Atlanta last night after working in Massachusetts for two and a have months.  It’s nice to be  home.   So much so it makes we want to rock out Santana style.

This is my thank you song to Carlos Santana.   This is from my 365 Songs for 2010 and is just me playing all the instruments.

Click the play button below.   Thanks for listening!


September 17th “Tomorrow Morning”

One thing about being a traveling musician, I’ll undoubtedly  have an all night or super late night drive now and then.  Our gig last night wasn’t too bad.  We got home around 2:30.   The worst was when I  moved back to North Carolina but I kept all of my Georgia gigs going for a while.  We would play them, drive home and get in bed around nine or ten the next morning.  That doesn’t make for a productive day.

I don’t do that quite as much anymore, mainly because I play different types of gigs these days.    Today’s song has an old school feel to it and is about exactly that. Counting the hours until I get back home.