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Psychedelic School Bus by the Seeing Eye Band

I am super excited to announce the worldwide release of our Jr. high/high school band’s first studio album, Seeing Eye Band – Psychedelic School Bus.  Featuring Oak Hill Jr. high alumni, Greg Beaver, Jeramy Lamanno, Jason Peeler and myself, we were a pretty tight and funky original band even if I had only been playing guitar for about six months.

The Seeing Eye band was the third incarnation of this line up.  We originally started out as the heavy metal band Armageddon with additional members, John Dockery and Jason Spake (and the rest of us playing completely different instruments) and then evolved into the Silver Plated Sixshooters.  This change happened when I decided to retire from drumming to play guitar after opening for The Past (before they became Copperhead) at the Western Peidmont 4th of July fireworks and witnessing the awesome power of Neil Carswell’s vocals and John Byrd’s guitar.  Seeing Darryl Corley pick and sing at Oak Hill was also a big inspiration for me to switch, as well as my burgeoning obsession with Neil Young and Uriah Heep.

What is really awesome is that 26 years later we are all still playing music!  That’s a testament the strong music scene that Morganton has.

This album was originally named the Seeing Eye Band Vol. 1, but I have remixed it and changed the order of the songs to reflect our super funky sound and figured after collaborating with my Mealtime Brown colleague, Jeramy Lamanno that Psychedelic School Bus was more fitting for this release.

Psychedelic School Bus was always a crowd favorite.  Greg’s bass on it (and the whole album) is awesome and Jeramy’s drums are super tight.  Add my affinity for the wah wah pedal and you’ve got yourself a psychedelic freak out.

The album was recorded at Fred Rumfelt’s legendary studio in Marion, NC.  He was a great man.

Thanks for listening!!  More songs to come and there will be a page on this site that will have all the songs together in a few days.  The album is available on iTunes, amazon etc., although cdbaby.com is our preferred site for folks to buy.

The Seeing Eye Band - Psychedelic School Bus cover.

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Some-a-that Country Funk

My Risky Biscuits post for the day drums up a bit of that country funk.  Featuring the rap skills of one of my favorite Athens, Georgia artists, P-Noid (aka MechaNoid).   We really had a lot of fun making this one.   As simple as the song is, we never could quite make it happen live for some reason or another.  Probably because we never practiced it.   Anyway, thanks for listening!

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Country Funk (song of the day)

Back in the USA after  a great week getting away to England.  I saw a lot of great sights and walked about a hundred miles.   Back to reality in Atlanta which includes be super psyched that the Mavs won the title!!   Time to celebrate with some Country Funk from my “Risky Biscuits” album.  This song features my good friend P-Noid on the mic.   Thanks for listening!