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Dead Man’s Suit – Live in the Studio

It’s hard to believe it’s been seven years since Chris Singleton and I recorded this in my studio in Asheville.  A lot has changed since then but he’s still my best bud and favorite musical collaborator.

“Dead Man’s Suit” is the title track from our album of the same name and has always been one of our favorites to play because it has a fun bass line and harmonica part.  You gotta love the key of F# major.   Thanks for watching!

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Bigger Head, Bigger Dummy (song of the day)

I figured I’d get the week off in a rocking manner.  This song is off of our “Dead Man’s Suit” album from a few years back and it’s always a fun one for us to play live.  It starts with the funny line “I’ve got a big fine boat but I don’t want to sail it,  I like the way it looks sitting in my back yard.  I would sail the seven seas if it weren’t for the fishes but they still call me Captain at the local bar”.  Thanks for listening!

Listen to the entire “Dead Man’s Suit” album here!

Why Not Right Now

I’m posting this one for our friend Brandi.  This is her favorite song by us.  This is from the Master Plan album “Dead Man’s Suit” from 2007.  On this one, I get to get my keyboard solo on.  Thanks for listening!

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My Town

I heard Hank III for the first time about seven years ago and it totally changed my musical style for a while.  “My Town” is definitely one that comes from that.  This is my tongue in cheek outlaw song about that guy that won’t leave his hometown no matter what.  Even with the cops on the lookout for him.   Thanks for listening!


Dead Man's Suit Chris Cates



“My Town” mp3 @ CDBaby

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Dead Man’s Suit.

Moving to a new place and throwing out old stuff.  I’ve been wearing a dead man’s suit for too long.  I guess it’s time to get some new clothes.  This has all been a metaphor.  Kind of like today’s song from my album of the same.

Dead Man's Suit by Chris Cates & the Master Plan

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