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New Sport for Primetime (song of the day)

This used to be a crowd favorite in the Parakeet Nelson days.  I remember many a night with John Wayne Tuggle ripping a solo or two.  This was recorded live with eight piece band in the studio.


Gonna Take it One Beer at a Time. December 24th

I’ve been sitting on this song for a minute.  That’s either because it’s awesome or because it’s just rude dog (as the old saying goes).  It may very well end up to be one of the more timeless songs I’ve done this year with it’s uptempo Curtis Mayfield/Trick Daddy vibe.  And morally it seems to stand on it’s on.  What those morals are, I’m still trying to decide.

Another Round for My Friends. December 17th

This year is winding down fast.  It’s hard to believe I’ve written 365 songs this year.  (I’ve actually been finished with the songwriting about a week).   Now I can just leisurely post a new song every day from now until Jan. 1st.   Like this one, a lot of my last fifteen songs all hinge somewhat on the new years theme.  Thanks for listening!