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Cool Air Attitude (song)

As it gets cooler, I guess it’s time to adapt to the ‘Cool Air Attitude’.   This is one of my favorite songs from my 365 Songs for 2010.  Thanks for listening!



The First Frost (song of the day)

I’ll continue with the ‘fall songs’ today since I’m actually home and able to do so.  I think last night was supposed to have been the first frost in Atlanta.   I thought to myself do I have a song about that?  And wouldn’t you know it.  I sure do and this is it.  Thanks for listening!

Cool Air Attitude (song of the day)

This is my favorite fall song (by me) at the moment.  I’ve actually got an album written built around this song but haven’t quite gotten it recorded the way I want yet.  This is the original version, hopefully the new version is forthcoming.


Winters Coming Back Again (song of the day)

It’s supposed to get chilly down here in the ATL this weekend and last night at Mt. Mitchell Golf Course in Burnsville was pretty cold.  I love this time of year.  It made me think of this song today.

I originally wrote a song that was similar to this in Cone Dorm at Appalchian my junior year.  I was obsessed with fall and the mountains back then.  This version of the song was recorded last year during my song a day marathon.  Although it’s not quite the same, I tried to use some of the feeling of the first song.  Thanks for listening!


Sugary Jive *song of the day

It’s definitely moving towards fall.   I’m ready, especially since I spend a small portion of the week in attics measuring them for spray foam insulation.

Sugary Jive is a fall type song.  I actually paid for radio promotion for this song when it came out on my Parakeet Nelson “Risky Biscuits” album.  It got a few thousand plays nationwide and ten thousand plays in the Virgin Islands for some random reason.   I’ll take anything I can get!

Listen to the entire “Risky Biscuits” album here!

October 13th “Winter’s Coming Back Again”

Today is supposed to be a little cooler so I figured I’d post this one.   It’s about feeling Fall for the first time.   I wrote a song that started like this, sophomore year at Appalachian State in Cone dorm, but I have no idea where it went from there.  I’m sure I have a TDK with the 8-track Tascam version of that song somewhere.   This version turned out pretty good.   I captured my whole Neil Young and the Bluenotes tone that I used to love so much around that time.  Thanks for listening!


August 30th “Cool Air Attitude”

The summer’s not even totally over yet and I’m already writing ‘Fall songs’.  I must admit that back in the day, fall was my favorite subject.  I lived in Boone and was constantly surrounded by those lovely Carolina autumn leaves.   However, I’m probably writing cool weather songs now because I’m ready for this scorching summer to get over with.  I guess I’ve already adopted my cool air attitude.