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Cool Air Attitude – Song #4 from My Old Soul

I’m back posting songs from My Old Soul.  I took a brief hiatus to respect the memory of a good friend.

Anyways, I should have posted this one last week as we were experiencing our final cold spell of the year.  This is one of my favorites to play at home on acoustic.  It’s simple but has a fun chorus for sing a longs.  The middle instrumental section is especially #burtbacharach – esque with John Kell intertwining sax with my lead guitar theme.

Thanks for listening!

Click to hear entire album.

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Winter’s Coming Back Again

I wrote this song in my dorm room at Appalachian as I was watching the leaves turn and start to fall. Even though I recorded this version 18 years later, it still brings back the feeling of watching the shadows roll across the dorm room while I played guitar and contemplated life as only a teenager could.

Cool Air Attitude (song of the day)

This is my favorite fall song (by me) at the moment.  I’ve actually got an album written built around this song but haven’t quite gotten it recorded the way I want yet.  This is the original version, hopefully the new version is forthcoming.


Carolina Trees (song of the day)

It feels like fall outside this morning in Atlanta.  I can’t believe it after the heat we’ve been having.  Although I’m sure by one or two it will be in the mid 90’s again.   But for now, I can breath in and think of fall.

That’s why I decided to post “Carolina Trees”.   To me, since I wrote the original version of this song when I was 17, it has been the ultimate portrait of sitting on top of Table Rock and looking out at the changing leaves below.   This version is from my Carolina Songs album brings the country heat.  Especially once the solos kick in about half way through, then there’s an extended jam at the end with me playing harmonica and guitar harmonies on top of each other.

I may live in Georgia, but my (tree) roots will always be in the NC mountains.

Listen to the whole album here!

October 21st “Magnolia Nights”

The North winds are blowing and it’s finally starting to get a little chilly.  The perfect time for a song like “Magnolia Nights”.   The guts of this song harks back to The Seeing-Eye Band days of the early 90’s.  I basically decided to re-write this song mainly because Mike Lowdermilk, who was in the band, always liked it so much.  So this new version is for Mike.   Although it’s not quite the same without Mike, Jeramy Lamanno, Jason Peeler and Kirk Leonhardt playing along with me.   Thanks for listening!


September 24th “100 Days Left in the Year”

Can you believe there is only one hundred days left in 2010.  That is crazy.  This year has flown by.  I’ve only got a hundred songs left to write and record!  In the old days that would have sounded preposterous, now it seems like a piece of cake.

So far I’ve spent around 33,125 minutes recording

which breaks down to 552 hours

which breaks down to 23 days!!

I have spent 23 days in my studio recording for this blog this year.   Thanks for listening through all the ups and downs!


August 18th “Life C.O.D.”

Tough day recycling in the heat once again. When is this summer gonna end?  I’m ready to write some songs about the fall, my favorite time of year.  I put out a concept album back in the day called ‘Fall’.  One of my many cassette only releases.  It was inspired by Bob Dylan’s ‘Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid’ Soundtrack.  That is a great record.

Anyway, this song is kind of funky and probably not one of my best.  Oh well, maybe tomorrow.