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July 24th “You Probably Already Know”

I’ve  had a brief Saturday morning at home for the first time in a while.   Then I’m heading back out to play tonight, out of town of course.   It’s Belle Cher weekend too, I miss it every year unless I’m playing in it or in a bar up here.  Oh well, maybe next year.

“You Probably Know Already” was the first thing that popped out when I sat down to write today.  First thought best thought, they always say.


May 26 “You’re Falling in Love”

The tire exploded on the recycling truck yesterday afternoon, so it’s been an interesting week.  We still managed to get to 220 houses in Hildebran today and pull in about 6000 pounds of stuff.   The perfect background for me to come home and write an ambient love song right?  This song is more of a mood piece than a normal vocal song.   It’s meant to capture that feeling when you first fall in love.