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Inspirational Songs – Spotify Playlist

Here’s a playlist that I’ll be constantly adding and changing of the inspirational songs that have been published and released.  I actually have about 50 more inspirational songs that need to be published and hopefully I’ll get to them eventually.  I get bogged down trying to finish other projects, like the Parakeet Nelson album I am currently in the home stretch on.  Thanks for listening!


What a Beautiful Feeling – New Album Song #1

My new album is finally complete and out today!!  It took a while to record and finish and there were some casualties along the way but now it’s here!  “My Old Soul” mixes R&B elements with synthesizers, sax and guitars and has a general concept of loose spirituality and consciousness.  I’m playing guitar, keys, drums, harmonica etc. with Chris Singleton playing bass on most of the album and John Kell on Sax.    Adair Cates, Jeramy Lamanno, Kerry Jones and John Kell sing back ups.

“What a Beautiful Feeling” is the first song and it gets the good vibes going right away.  I tried to show a little motown influence on it while throwing in a big #TreyAnastasio like guitar solo to bring it home.  Thanks for listening!     #newmusic  #chriscates   #myoldsoul

Click to listen to the entire album.

Click here to listen on iTunes

RollerCoaster Day

Doing business in Atlanta but it’s a lot of fun and it’s very fast paced.  I love it!  I’m a mult-tasker, so it’s right up my alley.  I wrote today’s song when I was 17 and soulmate (at the time) was having a tough day.  It was meant to cheer her up.  It finally made one of my records 17 year later and it still cheers me up.  Thanks for listening!



Buy this mp3 for $.99 here!

September 18th “Some Things Were Just Meant to Be”

My guitar slinging compatriot Chris Cambell and I played a fun gig this morning on the side of the road to 2500 half marathon runners as they ran by.   We played for 2 and half hours straight without even breaking between a song and we played only originals and they were all up tempo.  I’m a big fan of the ultra long set, I’ve always been like that for some reason.  The time just flew by.  I guess we could have stopped playing but the continuous flow of runners kept the jams tasty and effervescent.

I kept with the feel good flavor for today’s tune.  Thanks for listening and have a great weekend!


May 11th “The Ultimate Feel Good”

I got to play in a golf tournament today and had a blast.   Golf is good stuff, I used to be obsessed but now I’ve managed to get it out of my habits.   That is to not to say that I still won’t write some funny golf songs now and then.

Tonight’s song ended up being simple.   I started to build on what I had going but my french horn (keyboard) solo rocked so hard that I had to leave it like it is.  Thanks for listening!

April 20th “It is What it Isn’t”

I saw a ‘Git R Done’ sticker on a truck today and totally related to it.   I left Asheville at 6am and got home at 8:30pm, but I got r done.   I hit a hundred and nine houses with the recycling truck in Morganton and then hit  a bunch of businesses to get a jump start on tomorrow.   Amazingly I’m still feeling pretty good here near the midnight hour.    But of course I better feel good, because I have to get “It is What it Isn’t”, today’s song up.   Thanks for listening!