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Eternal Romantic (song of the day)

Sometimes we forget how we used to be.  I’ve always been an undying eternal romantic which has definitely helped with my music writing since about 65% of my songs are usually ‘love’ oriented.   This is a song I made last year to help me remember that.  Thanks for listening!




Clean Up the Crash. December 10th

Okay, I’ll make this final part of my emotional song saga for the week.   Cleaning up the crash.  I’m starting to ease in to my life transition a little better now.  Good friends definitely make it easier.  I wrote the first line to this song way back in Feb. or March when this truck collided with the Simply Green recycling truck when I was standing there sorting on the curb.   It missed me by about four inches and was two inches from decapitating the guy that was driving.

This is also an appropriate song for being in Atlanta and the insane traffic.  I was in an accident the first day I was here riding with someone else.

July 21 “The Healing Song”

Alright, this song is up now.  For some reason it didn’t post earlier.

July 21st is my Mom’s birthday!  Happy Birthday Mom.  She’s ahead of the technology curb now because she has an iPad .  It’s pretty sweet.

“Healing Song” is unrelated to that.  This is a song that speaks to someone who has just gone through a break up.