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“All Is Well”

Undoubtedly this song posted today which I didn’t exactly mean to do.  But in doing so, it afforded me a night of luxury (ie: not needing to work in the studio).   A little ‘Papa’s and Beer’ and a little family time (ie: wife and animals) and it’s getting to be that time of night.

I wrote and recorded this song yesterday to use one Sunday, posting it on the wordpress site as a draft, but I guess I mis-clicked.  That’s okay, all is well.  Oh yeah, this was inspired by a guy in Lowes wearing a shirt that said ‘All Is Well’.  I thought that was awesome.


July 21 “The Healing Song”

Alright, this song is up now.  For some reason it didn’t post earlier.

July 21st is my Mom’s birthday!  Happy Birthday Mom.  She’s ahead of the technology curb now because she has an iPad .  It’s pretty sweet.

“Healing Song” is unrelated to that.  This is a song that speaks to someone who has just gone through a break up.

May 7th’s song “What A Beautiful Feeling”

A welcome day of rest after a killer recycling week.   Luckily studio work doesn’t take a huge amount of physical energy.   My new mower is already on the fritz, so I don’t have the tremendous urge to mow with “Mow Mow Mow the Grass” (my song from April 11th) playing my head constantly.

“What a beautiful Feeling” turned out to sound a little motown-y.   I’ve been writing on the piano this week, it seems to be where the songs are popping out of.