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October 8th “Not the Silent Type”

Not the best Friday for me.  I’ve struggling to get going all day.  You think my body would have responded better to my first eight hour sleep in weeks.  Maybe I should have done my normal five and a half after all.  I thought some heavy metal would wake me up, so I busted out “Not the Silent Type”.  I’ve got a gig tonight, so hopefully I’ll start perking up a little bit.  Thanks for listening!


May 5 “Frog Dreams”

It’s starting to get hot now.   In the eighties.  The recycling boat is starting to steam.  It’s funny how many blogs I’ve done this year mention the weather.   I guess that’s the common factor between me and every reader wherever they are.   I probably also subconsciously want to look back at these in a few years and something like that might interest me.

“Frog Dreams” is a little thought experiment turned to song.   Yet another song that seems to be about something that’s arguably not about anything.   Thanks for listening anyway!