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Hello Old Friend in Hawaii. November 30th

Today’s song was inspired by my good friend and former musical compatriot who now lives in Hawaii.   Even though he’s thousands of miles away, somehow he still remains connected to the mainland.  Mainly because his positive energy is exponential.  I’ve yet to make it to Hawaii, but I will one day soon.   Until then, I guess I’ll write songs about it.   Thanks for listening!

August 16th “Not My First Go Round”

Back in good ol’ NC again.  We had a great trip to Illinois and Wisconsin.  The people there are so nice.  I’ve been there many times to see my friend there and usually to play a show and see a concert.  Like today’s song says “it’s not my first go round.”


Feb 11th “Always Remember to Always Remember”

Do you have that friend that remember’s every thing that you have ever done.  Well I have a few and I’m really grateful for them.   They’re always recounting tales of the olden days that I don’t have any recollection of whatsoever.

As soon as they bring it up it all comes flooding back in and I try to make note of it for future reference  (which typically proves to be futile).

That’s the basis of “Always Remember to Always Remember”.   This is dedicated to John Crowe, Rob Sankey and all my other friends that remember every day of their life.  Cheers to you.