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Bukowski & Captain Kangaroo

One of my all time favorite jams (and a favorite of all my bands over the years).  This is an uptempo funky super jam about trying to relieve boredom with the help of Charles Bukowski, Captain Kangaroo and golf.   This song features the full power of my Parakeet Nelson band from this era.  Seth Hendershot, Gary Hartle, John W Tuggle, John Kell, Dwayne Wallace and lots of interesting background (and foreground) sounds.

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It’s All Relative, But it’s Relative to What? (song of the day)


I haven’t posted a song in a while.  Life and work tends to get in the way sometimes.   My friend and talented songwriter in his own right, Jake Rathburn, reminded me of this song the other day.   And of the vastly cerebral lines (sic)  “Things are not opposite in China as they are here,  the gravity is still the same except for the gravity in the beer”.   Deep stuff I know.    Thanks for listening!

Bastard Son of Bossa Nova (song of the day)

I’m heading out with the Amstel Light Flash campaign for five more gigs at five different venues again tonight.  Fun stuff.  I don’t know why but I’m feeling a little funky today so why not post a funky song right?  This is one of our favorites to play live even though we’ve kind of forgotten about it lately.  Maybe we’ll have to dig it up for our gig in Atlanta this Saturday.  Thanks for listening!


Bukowski & Captain Kangaroo

I felt like I need to post something super rockin’ today.  This is it!!  The Parakeet Nelson band at it’s peak.   Dwayne Wallace, John Wayne, G the Nefarious, John Kell, Dave Brockway and me tinkering on way too many other sounds.   Thanks for listening!!

Highly Motivated

Today’s song features DangerMouse, who I just heard is producing the new U2 album! That’s amazing. I worked with him on four of his mix tapes and a few of his other side projects in Athens before he went to London and got huge with the Jay Z/Beatles remix and then Gnarls Barkley, The Black Keys, Guerrillas etc.
This song was recorded at Elixir in Athens by Peter Fancher and it also features Jeramy Lamanno on drums. DangerMouse (Brian Burton) is doing the scratching and I’m playing everything else.
Thanks for listening!

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