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June 9th “What Did I Did and then I Did it Again”

What a week!  Hardcore recycling and six gigs packed into four days.  Oh did I mention I’m also playing in a two day golf tournament too.   I guess it’s summertime because I am busy.

Today’s song is a fun one.   I guess I’m starting to rap now.  Look out Eminem. Somehow, I don’t think he’s worried.

April 30th “The Sands are Making Mountains”

I’ve enjoyed a weekend without a gig.  I’m not playing much this month because next month I’m playing a lot of big gigs.   It will be very nice to start the new gig season playing so many of my 365 Songs.   I’m gonna start all my shows with “Geometrically in Perfect Touch” my favorite tune that I’ve written so far.

Today’s song is one that just came out when I sat down.   I’m making a conscious effort to be out of the studio this weekend, so it’s nice to be productive when I’m here.   My fence building has taken precedence so far.


March 8 “The Best News You Ever Heard”

Funny day today.  After getting up and writing and recording a song then driving to Morganton, we ran into some truck issues.   We did the whole route in a rented truck which really wasn’t too bad.  We then had Dad’s birthday dinner then I drove back up to Asheville to spend about nine hours before doing it all over again (with a gig added to tomorrow night).   I’m not complaining, I’m actually kind of pumped up about it.

Luckily tonight when I got to the studio, I had already started this beat and could rap it up fairly quickly.   This is a good old fashion feel good techno instrumental.   I love writing stuff like this!

Click the play icon below to hear “The Best News You Ever Heard”


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