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Pinehurst and the Golf God

I haven’t posted a new golf song in a while, so why not begin with one about the site where this year’s US Open will be.   This song speculates if there is a golf god he must live in Pinehurst, NC.

And if you encounter him on the back nine on Sunday, don’t bet against him.  Thanks for listening!

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May 29th “The Golf Gods and Pinehurst”

My band is playing in Pinehurst tonight at a wedding rehearsal, so I thought it was only appropriate to write a Pinehurst themed golf song.   The last few years I’ve had the pleasure of going to Pinehurst a few times a year to perform or to play in golf tournaments.   The Carolina Golf Hall of Fame is there as well and I’m hoping my friend Howard Ward, a wonderful writer who has carried the golf voice of Pinehurst will get the nod this year.

“The Golf God and Pinehurst” is about how if there is a golf god, he’s living in Pinehurst.


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