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I’m Stuck On the Bogey Train (golf song of the day)

The Open continues on TV (and in the UK) so I’ll continue posting golf songs this week (rain or shine).   The wind is blowing a little more there today, so  a lot of folks are taking a ride on the ‘bogie train’.   This song makes making bogies seem not so bad as long as you have some jazzy guitar solos.    Of course that’s easy to say when there is no money on the line.

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I Try to Work But Golf Gets in My Way

The Open Championship started today so I have golf on the brain.  I got to watch it for about two minutes before leaving the house on another journey to the debts of Cobb County.   This song is a funny song about having the golf bug so bad that work has become irrelevant.  Something I’ll admit to being guilty off at one time (and hopefully another one day) in my life.   Thanks for listening!

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Golf Will Always Be My Game

Are you kidding me?  This Masters is off the chain so far.  I wrote this song thinking about the final montage of a major tournament’s broadcast.  Actually, I think the second verse is some of my best word play of all my songs.  ANy thing with Chi Chi Rodrigez in it is always good.  Thanks for listening!

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October 17th “Bury Me in No. 3 Bunker”

These nice days have put golf on my mind.  I’ve got a tournament next weekend and I’m actually thinking about practicing.   I guess the first step is to write a new golf song, that should make me play better.  Hopefully today is the day I hit the Grove Park for 18, that would probably help too.   In the PGA world, Rocco is winning the frys.com Open.  That is also equally important if not more so.   He’s the man.      Hit ’em straight!


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June 5th “Swing Thoughts”

I know, yet another golf song.   My lack of playing must be bringing it out of me.  Or maybe the awesome PGA action today with Rickie Fowler and Ricky Barnes.

Every golfer has certain swing thoughts that one says to oneself upon addressing the ball.  It’s usually something random that some coach, magazine, friend, TV commentator has said to do.   And that’s not necessarily bad.   In the long run it probably helps because it gives you a routine and focus.   When I play, which is seldom these days, my only swing thought is to hit the ball in the center of the clubface.  If you do that it doesn’t matter what’s happening in your swing.   Put the Golf Digest down and try that one on for size.


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May 29th “The Golf Gods and Pinehurst”

My band is playing in Pinehurst tonight at a wedding rehearsal, so I thought it was only appropriate to write a Pinehurst themed golf song.   The last few years I’ve had the pleasure of going to Pinehurst a few times a year to perform or to play in golf tournaments.   The Carolina Golf Hall of Fame is there as well and I’m hoping my friend Howard Ward, a wonderful writer who has carried the golf voice of Pinehurst will get the nod this year.

“The Golf God and Pinehurst” is about how if there is a golf god, he’s living in Pinehurst.


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May 21th “Texas Wedge”

I’m playing in a golf tournament starting today in Clayton, Georgia, so I figured it was time to do another golf song.   “Texas Wedge” has been brewing for a while.  When I play in the dogfight at Quaker Meadows Golf Course, I always witness lots of Texas Wedging both by my teammates and myself.    It’s the kind of course where you can do that which is always an adjustment for me since I predominately play “mountain golf”.

For non-golfers, ‘Texas Wedge’ is what you call your putter when you putt from off the green instead of chipping it.   I’ve known some masters of the Texas Wedge (and still do).  Some folks can putt from thirty yards away and have a good chance of making it.     Thanks for listening!


April 8 “Tiger’s Back”

It’s Masters weekend again!!  Probably one of my top three sporting events behind the NBA Finals and the British Open.

Of course this is Tiger’s big week back and that’s all anybody can talk about.  I’m glad he’s back.   He obviously looks like he’s ready to kick some butt.   I’m not going to get into all of his stuff but it’s also good for people to remember that he’s not the only one out there doing what he did.   It would be cool to see him win but the Masters is great because it’s a good story, no matter who wins.

If Tom Watson would pull this one out.  That would be the greatest sports moment ever.

Anyway “Tiger’s Back” is kind of a synopsis of the first day’s events at the tournament and about how Tiger’s gonna be gunning for the win.

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For the lyrics go to chriscates.com/april8.html

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March 15 “Golfin’ Machine”

I was going to wait another month or two before I started writing golf songs but this one just kind of came out.  I was stepping into my back yard to hit some balls this afternoon and this came to me.

My rock n’ roll Golf comedy CD “Triple Bogey with 17 Holes to Play” is by far my biggest selling album and is an infinite source for perks, tournaments and gigs in the golf industry.   I put it out about four years ago with intentions of writing more golf songs and now I have the perfect format to release them.

I was probably inspired by the newsletter from the Carolina Golf Reporters Association that I was reading right before I went outside.   Then after completing the song I noticed Tiger was coming back at the Masters.   If I would have read that beforehand this song would’ve probably been about Tiger.   I think you’ll definitely see one of those in the future however.

Read the lyrics @ chriscates.com/march15.html

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