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If I’m Sad Tomorrow

Yet another song from ‘Risky Biscuits’.  This is a love song with a big chorus featuring the great Andrej Kurti on violin.  Dwayne Wallace does double duty replacing my normal choppy piano playing with his great skills (he also plays bass).   I’ve always felt this one hasn’t quite reached it’s fully potential and may get a rewrite and record in the future.  Thanks for listening!

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“Stop that Train” by Winslow Willard

Winslow where are you? This is a song by a great singer/songwriter that I’ve lost touch with. I’m playing the harmonica solos on this intertwined with Gary Hartle’s excellent sax work. This is from Winslow’s “The Allergic Emergence of Spring” album which I highly recommend. If anybody know’s anything about Winslow (aka Robert Willard), let me know.

This album is available for sale online!

April 10 “100 Days to Say”

This is my 100th song so far!!!   I can’t believe I’ve written a hundred songs in a hundred days, plus a few more that I had to write for other things.   I don’t know how many songs I’ve written in my lifetime (probably around 500-600), so this is a pretty significant chunk.

The best part is that a lot of the songs are some of my best ever.  To me “Walking Around the City” and “Geometrically in Perfect Touch” may be my best songs ever.  And the funk stuff I’ve been doing is definitely my most funky.

Anyway, thanks for listening and helping to plug along and keep writing and recording.   Only 265 songs to go!!

100 Days to Say – Chris Cates’s 100th song for 2010!