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September 10th “Making a Living Making Music”

I’m a day late posting this song because we got up early yesterday morning to film an interview and perform on “Your Carolina with Jack and Kimberly” on WSPA CBS – Greenville.  We had a blast, jammed out and Jack and Kimberly were awesome as usual.  They are great talk show hosts that rival anybody on TV.   We played “Crazy or Crazy in Love”, on of my 365 songs.

Then, the full Chris Cates and the Master Plan band met up and performed at Greenville’s Main Street Friday night.   We had a really good show and probably played to close to eight hundred people throughout the night.    Anyway, today’s song is about my new dedication to make music my sole source of making a living again.   I get caught up and life and forget that this is my true purpose which is very easy to do.   Thanks for listening!