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Halloween, October 31st “The Freaks are Out”

Happy Halloween.   Of course I had to do a Halloween themed song for today. Although it turned out to be funky one (as they usually do).   Thanks for listening!


Jan 19th “Scratches in the Woodgrain”

Honestly, I had an uneventful day recycling for the big city of Hildebran (no wrecks this week) and a pleasant evening tonight in Asheville.   I even got to hear a decent band doing “All Blues” from  Miles Davis’s transcendent ‘Kind of Blue’ album.

Yet somehow, I sat down in my studio tonight and wrote my first horror song.   It’s not blood and guts and all that.   But it’s got a little suspense, a little confusion and a trick ending.

I don’t think Rob Zombie will be calling anytime soon though.