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Birthday Birthday (song)

I’m heartened by all of today’s B-day wishes.  I appreciate it very much!  Today’s song is what I recorded last year on this day and it rocks pretty good. “Another year older/ another year wiser / another entrée / another appetizer”, pure poetry right?

Thanks again for the shout outs!


Song for May 12th “Birthday Birthday”

Today’s my birthday and it’s funny how things like facebook connects you with so many people on that day.   I actually didn’t even check it until late tonight and was amazed at how many people wished me happy birthday.  And looking through them you actually connect with the people who sent it to you (even it you don’t respond).

That’s what inspired me to do a birthday themed song.  Actually, I’m not one to care much about my birthday.  It’s not something I overwhelmingly want to celebrate.  Anyway, thanks for listening!