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October 6th “Happy as the Wind”

The last two weeks have been pretty hectic.  I’ve driven a few thousand miles, won a golf tournament (my flight that is), worked basically every day and performed at night several times.  I’m not complaining, after all I scheduled it that way.  People always say being busy is good.   But is that always true?   I can’t agree on that whole heartedly.   That’s what today’s song is about.  Thanks for listening!

May 27th “Who You Wanted to Be in Life”

I’m sure this song came from a bumper sticker I probably saw one day driving up the mountain.  Am I who I wanted to be in life?  Probably not.   I should have finished graduate school or a million other things but I’m happy so does it matter.  I’m still playing music that’s always been part of my big vision.   I’m not making millions doing it yet but at least I’m still trying I guess.