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Your Lucky Umbrella – Song of the Day

Most folks know my family has been through a life changing event of late.  It’s been rough but we are getting through it as best we can.   It happened right after I started posting songs from ‘Getaway Plans’ week before last.  Ironically, this song seems to fit perfectly  with the outpouring of support from all of our family and friends. It’s amazing what folks have said and done, they have truly been our  Lucky Umbrella.

Over the years, I’ve had multiple people tell me that this song has helped them through some tough times which makes me feel like I can make a difference with songwriting (aside from just getting people to shake their booty).  Please pass it along to someone in your life who’s had some tough times.  Maybe we can make a difference together.

Click to Listen or buy
Click to Listen or buy

July 21 “The Healing Song”

Alright, this song is up now.  For some reason it didn’t post earlier.

July 21st is my Mom’s birthday!  Happy Birthday Mom.  She’s ahead of the technology curb now because she has an iPad .  It’s pretty sweet.

“Healing Song” is unrelated to that.  This is a song that speaks to someone who has just gone through a break up.