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The Liaison to Musical Colonialism

One of my favorite time’s in history.  When Jeramy Lamanno and I were doing lots of recording and writing our first few years in college ( the original Mealtime Brown ).   We were very inspired by the non-sensical at this point.  That’ Jeramy on the harmonica.  Maybe the only time he has ever played one on tape!

Chris Cates's album from 1995
Blueberry-Stains on the Feathers of a Roller Coaster Day by Chris Cates



October 30th “Cool Water for a Thirsty Soul”

Saturday never felt so good.  I guess that’s why I decided to get a little funky.   The title of this song came from a Samuel Adams quote.  He was  one of the most effective writers in the history of America.  Basically because he is the reason why we started resisting the English eventually starting the revolution.  He doesn’t get any credit because he burned most of his letters.  Therefore, he didn’t leave much history behind to be discovered and immortalized.  As compared to George Washington, who actually wrote everything with history in mind.

July 22nd “The More You Know, The More You Will Forget”

I listen to a book on CD every day driving up and down the mountain from Asheville to Morganton and back.  I was thinking today about all the biographies I’ve heard (at least 50).   I retain the information so well when I first hear it but after time I start to forget all the intricate stories and details.  That’s very sad to me, but yet at the same time, it makes it so I can go back and listen to the books again and enjoy it all over.   Hello “The Life of Marco Polo”!  That’s my favorite book that I’ve listened to that I’ve already forgotten.

This song is more about someone who goes through school and life who doesn’t quite figure it out until he gets a life education.  Thanks for listening!

April 18th “The Life of a Fisherman”

Our new friend Kathy got us thinking about the lives and culture that goes into making a glass of wine.  All the history that goes into each glass is astounding.   For some reason I started thinking about that this morning and applied it to a fisherman at sea.   Probably because I have  copy of The Old Man and the Sea in direct view in my studio.

Mix the old man and a little reggae and you get  “The Life of a Fisherman”


Feb 6 “History of Deviant Behavior”

This character in this song reminds me of a lot of folks in my teenage years.  Not me of course.    For some reason all guys have to go through a time period where tearing things up is cool.  Getting away with it was always a plus.

That’s what “History of Deviant Behavior” is about.  That kid you see walking down your block that you know doesn’t have the best intentions in mind.  Maybe this song stems from the kid that threw a snowball at our house the other night and ran up the street.

The music has a little bit of a Curtis Mayfield vibe.        Thanks for listening!!