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Why Don’t I Watch More Hockey – Song of the day

Good game last night.  The Hawks pulled it out to win the Stanley Cup again.  I like hockey but really only watch it a few times a year.  Growing up in the South, hockey typically isn’t an option as a sport to play.  But I can write a song about it and here it is!


June 11th “Why Don’t I Watch More Hockey”

The other night I just happen out to the studio to work when I came across the final game of the NHL finals where Chicago won in overtime.   I don’t watch hockey much or hardly at all and I don’t know why.   Most likely because I grew up in North Carolina where it was not played.   It’s a great sport though, maybe I’ll pay attention a little more next year.

Obviously, I wrote “Why Don’t I Watch More Hockey”  watching Chicago take turns hoisting the Stanley Cup over their heads.


March 1st “Spring in Asheville”

March is rolling in and like clockwork we’ve got another winter weather advisory.   I think I’ve mentioned that I’ve canceled four gigs already this year because of weather and it’s starting to get old.

Not to mention driving a ten thousand pound truck in the snow and ice.  Actually that’s kind of fun.

“Spring in Asheville” is kind of recognizing a few good and bad things in the world today while wishing for spring at the same time.  I really don’t hate  the cold as much as I make it out in this song.   I actually don’t mind it much.

Read the lyrics @ chriscates.com/march1.html