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Inspirational Songs – Spotify Playlist

Here’s a playlist that I’ll be constantly adding and changing of the inspirational songs that have been published and released.  I actually have about 50 more inspirational songs that need to be published and hopefully I’ll get to them eventually.  I get bogged down trying to finish other projects, like the Parakeet Nelson album I am currently in the home stretch on.  Thanks for listening!

Your Lucky Umbrella. January 4th

I’ll continue with my feel good, take on the world theme again today.   This song has been one of my favorites since I wrote it when I was going through a tough time back in 2003.  It’s been a big inspiration to me ever since and it’s been a great song to start shows with as well.  It was originally on my ‘Getaway Plans’ album.  The solo and guitar work by John Tuggle is really cool on this one too.   Check out his ‘Learn Guitar Now’ videos online sometime.  Dwayne Wallace’s backing vocals on this one always make me smile too.   Thanks for listening!

Getaway Plans by Chris Cates

Buy this mp3 on CdBaby here!

Feb 1 “Karma Dharma”

This song is the direct descention from listening to a biographical analysis of “Buddha” on CD during my drive back up from Morganton to Asheville today.

It also seems like a good start to February.  I feel like I’m getting a whole new start with my songs.

Listen to “Karma Dharma” below


Jan 17th “Pep Talk”

I went old school today and actually wrote in an old notebook of mine instead of on the computer.  What a trip to put pen to pad without actually touching my iPhone.

I found one of my little old carry arounds and as I sat down at the piano to write tonight a seperate page fell out.

Part of it turned into “Pep Talk”, I was feeling the key of F all day and the words seemed rather Key of F-like.  The song reminds me of all the old piano stuff I used to do and have gotten away from.  It’s awesome to be frequently writing again, even after working all day.

Thanks for listening!