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Too Far to Give Up Now

After several inspired comments I got about yesterdays song about life change and dealing with it.  I felt compelled to go ahead and post this song for today.   This could be the follow up to that song.   It’s the next step in the process;  getting over it and moving on.  Because, what else can you do.   Thanks for listening!

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“All Is Well”

Undoubtedly this song posted today which I didn’t exactly mean to do.  But in doing so, it afforded me a night of luxury (ie: not needing to work in the studio).   A little ‘Papa’s and Beer’ and a little family time (ie: wife and animals) and it’s getting to be that time of night.

I wrote and recorded this song yesterday to use one Sunday, posting it on the wordpress site as a draft, but I guess I mis-clicked.  That’s okay, all is well.  Oh yeah, this was inspired by a guy in Lowes wearing a shirt that said ‘All Is Well’.  I thought that was awesome.