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Recognize the Irony. November 17th

Ricky Rubio is still giving this blog an unbelievable amount of hits.  That’s awesome.   What is also awesome is that it’s not going to be raining all day today.   Although I don’t mind working in the rain.   I actually like it.   There is only so long that being soaked is tolerable.  Today’s song is a jazzy acoustic number.   It’s kind of about seeing your life as it happens (instead of in hindsight).  Thanks for listening!



October 12th “Mad Dog or Wild Irish Rose”

I actually got some good studio time in to catch up and get ahead.  I like this new mentality of working a few days ahead.   I don’t feel like I’m in as much of a hurry if I have a few songs ready to go already.  Currently I’ve got ten songs brewing in some fashion or another .  The only thing is, I’ll try like a dickens to write and record something new before putting something pre-recorded up.

Today’s song is a play on cheap wine and irony.  A popular theme among beatniks.