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Vlade for Three!!!

I just moved back to lovely East Atlanta and am in the process of building my new studio. So I thought it might be appropriate to post songs from my album “Getaway Plans” this week and next. It was the album I made just before I left Athens in 2004 and released the night before I moved out of town. We had a fun CD release party for it at the Roadhouse.

This song (and several more on the album) features the great Dr. Andrej Kurti on violin.

Click to Listen or buy
Click to Listen or buy

November 12th “The Mouse and the Magic Tone”

Another Friday already.   As I sit here, I hear a tiny mouse scratching in my wall. Undoubtedly, the cats haven’t gotten to him yet.  I usually hear him when I’m working really late at night out here.  I kind of like it.  Late night solo recording sessions don’t seem so lonely.   Thanks for listening!