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Psychadelic School Bus

About every two months I get a request for this song from folks that remember the Seeing-Eye Band and our first studio release.  This song was our signature song for years.   It’s me on guitar and vocals, Jason Peeler on guitar, Greg Beaver on bass and Jeramy Lamanno on drums.  Recorded live in Fred Rumfelt’s studio in Marion, NC (fall of ’91?).   I had literally been playing guitar for about two months, but I knew how to use the wah wah pedal!  My early attempts at vocals are funny too.

The Seeing Eye Band 1991

Jan 16th “Married in the 3rd Grade”

Today is a joyous day, Jason Peeler came up and finished all of the drums on our new album “Follow the Feeling”.   Now I’ve just got to do my work on guitars, vocals and keyboards and get Chris Singleton and John Kell here to do their parts and we’ll have it done.

Hopefully we can release it by March!

Today’s song takes me back to my elementary school days at Forest Hill.  I still think about playing outside and down in the woods.  I think I did actually marry a lucky girl in the 2nd grade, luckily we signed a pre-nup.

Read the lyrics @ chriscates.com/jan16.html