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November 1st “Vamonos is Not My Real Name”

I spent a lovely weekend in the ATL with Adair at the Hotel Indigo.   I highly recommend it, especially if you’re seeing a show at the Fox.  311 was there last night, we didn’t attend.  Instead, opting for a nice dinner and the new episode of “East Bound & Down” on HBO.  Today’s song was inspired by my lack of Spanish knowledge but my love for latin music.  We just got the new Julietta Venegas and Shakira and were listening to them today, along with the usual mix of 105.3FM. That’s when I wrote this song.  Thanks for listening!



June 2nd “Drinking a Latini”

This definitely one of those weeks that I’m testing what incredible hard labor, sleep deprivation and writing and recording music can do to the body.  So far so good actually.  It’s usually the first few minutes waking up and then around 2:30 when I hit my first wall.   Music definitely helps especially stuff that’s up tempo.   Jane Austen’s “Emma” on audiobook does not get you going however, I’ve found that out all week.

Today’s song is a little latin instrumental I put together to help with a future second wind I (or hopefully other people too) may need in the future.