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New Avenue. December 12th

We’ve got the first decent snow here today.  About four or five inches so far.  Luckily I made a late night run back from Georgia just before it started getting heavy.  I’m evidently continuing on my ‘change’ theme this week with today’s tune.  I should be singing about how I thankfully won’t be doing any driving today.  Thanks for listening!

Wondering if it Will Ever Be Like This. December 1st

Well I started a brand new job today.   In Atlanta.   Major life change, to say the least.   Yesterday I was recycling in the cold and rain, dodging cars on Bost Road and today I’m in traffic jams for four hours at least (and getting paid for it).  A bit of culture shock but mostly in the positive sense.   I can safely say I was never wondering if it will ever be like this.   Thanks for listening!