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Brokedown Palace (live cover). January 12th

As we’re still iced in this morning and not mobilizing trucks, which is annoying, I found myself thinking about this song.  I recently uncovered this live recording of me playing at the Pourhouse in Charleston almost exactly six years ago to the day.  This is the first (and maybe only) cover song I’ll be putting up.  I think this is the only time I ever played this song live. I love the Grateful Dead, especially American Beauty (who doesn’t love that album?).  Thanks for listening!

June 17th “Better than Good for Nothing”

Another scortcher working outside on the recycling truck today but we made it through and that part of the work week is over.  Now it’s gigging time, three shows this weekend in three different places (2 states).   Today’s song is just what popped out when I sat down to write today.  I just started the song and it flowed right out.  I’ve been trying to write with the mandolin more.   Thanks for listening!


April 9 “Adrift in a Cosmic Shift”

Today was the first time that I’ve had a true collaboration while writing my songs for 2010.  My talented musician friend from Asheville, Chris Campbell came over and we pretty much wrote this song in a few minutes.   I was jamming on my mini keyboard and he was playing guitar.  I had written the words before he got here but modified them as we went along.

We started with the guitar and mini keys playing with a click track,  then I did the drums and he played the bass part.  I then did my vocal with him doing the backing and we finished up with Chris playing the lead guitar.

I hope to do more songs like this.  I have a tendency to work by myself and be a recluse, so collaborating is a welcome change.