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Skyscrapers – #6 from My Old Soul

Let’s kick the weekend off with a jam!  Pump this one up and sing it loud.

“Skyscrapers” is inspired by the #EckhartTolle book A New Earth, which I’ve read (to my newborn kids) or listened to at least five times.  The music is inspired by #ManuChao, another favorite who really doesn’t release enough music these days.

I’m on all the instruments except for the killer bass by Chris Singleton.  There’s also some cool backing vocals from Kerry Jones, Jeramy Lamanno, John Kell and Adair Cates.

Thanks for listening!

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August 20th “Skyscrapers to the Sky”

I listened to Manu Chao last week on our trip to the mid-west and remembered how great his music is.  He does a lot with drums and percussion without playing them in the traditional way.  That’s what I had in mind with this song.  I actually started with the drums and then wrote the music and words.

Also today is my parents 50th Wedding Anniversary!