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March 31 “Home Again”

I round out my third month of songwriting with another song that has origins from my past.   It’s getting to be that time of year to drive up in the mountains and see the spring colors.   I’m actually driving up to Blowing Rock to play a show in a few days and am looking forward to that old drive again.

Actually the drive up 181 is what inspired this song.   Parts of it are from an old song of mine  from 1993 that I never really did anything with.   I started thinking about it again a while back when we were contemplating a ‘Blue Ridge Parkway’ album to commemorate it’s 75th anniversary.

Thanks for listening!!!    Click Below to hear  “Home Again”


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Feb 28 “A February Dream”

I can’t believe it’s been two months already!!  Is it really March?   I’m psyched that I’ve managed to write and record  59 songs during that time.   It’s been easy at times and it’s been a real pisser a few times.

February was another snowy and cold month, which meant lots of interesting days doing curbside recycling.  I had a pretty good time for the most part.  And this song a day thing has forced me to itemize every second of my day.  I’m left wondering however, when do my aching hands get a rest?

2 months in 306 songs to go!!!

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