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October 28th “Stranded on Las Vegas Boulevard”

Ah Las Vegas.  That seems to be a theme I come back to often as well.   There is something about being on Las Vegas Boulevard that I just can’t explain.   I got married there at the Flamingo four years ago and last year we went back and stayed at The Mirage (which I highly recommend).   The funny thing is, I don’t gamble (except for the occasional football game).   Unless of course, you consider being in the music business gambling.


May 8th’s Song “Let’s Get Married in Vegas”

I don’t know how this song popped up today.   I guess I was thinking about Vegas.   I love it there and I don’t gamble, I’ve tried to get Adair to move there but she’s not convinced.

And like the song, we did get married in Vegas and it was the best.   It could not have been better.   This song’s not about our experience exactly it’s talking about in more general poetic terms.   Songwriter stuff, I guess.   Anyway, real estate is super cheap in Vegas.    Invest and let me know.