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Mealtime Brown (song of the day)

I’m taking it all the way back to ’94 or ’95 on this one.  Hiro Noodles (aka Jeramy Lamanno) and myself in my parents basement making our theme song on the Tascam 8-track.   Good times.   We went on to make a very eclectic tape called Mealtime Brown around this time.   I was still in college, so this was probably around the holidays.

Thanks for listening.  You may need to turn this one up louder since it’s pretty old school.


The Liason to Musical Colonialism (song of the day)

Let’s take it way back today.   To my parents piano in 1992, Jeramy Lamanno (aka Hiro Noodles) playing harmonica for the only time in his life while we rocked one our absurd songs that we loved to do at the time.   This was on our original ‘Mealtime Brown’ tape we put out around then.   Thanks for listening!

I’m So Chill that I sleep in a Sauna (Song of the Day)

Silly rap rock anyone?   This one is also from my “Mealtime Brown presents..” album.  I wrote this one while driving a moving truck to Jefferson, Georgia to move my stuff out and into the first house I bought in Athens.   How that pertains to the song, I don’t know.  Thanks for listening!

The Liaison to Musical Colonialism

One of my favorite time’s in history.  When Jeramy Lamanno and I were doing lots of recording and writing our first few years in college ( the original Mealtime Brown ).   We were very inspired by the non-sensical at this point.  That’ Jeramy on the harmonica.  Maybe the only time he has ever played one on tape!

Chris Cates's album from 1995
Blueberry-Stains on the Feathers of a Roller Coaster Day by Chris Cates



Song for May 10th “Daydream from Tomorrow”

Something compelled me to go back and dig up this song and re-create it today.   Part of this recording is something I recorded in the original Mealtime Brown studios in Athens, Georgia around 1998 or ’99.  I don’t even know who the guys are that are playing the awesome banjo and upright bass.   I went and found it, re-arranged it, added some funk, junk and rewrote the vocals.   But I was sincerely trying to keep the original vibe we had cooking that day.