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Saw it First in a Dream (song of the day)

Another week, another Monday.   After a long weekend managing jobs and running a booth at the Grant Park Shade Festival it doesn’t seem like I had a weekend.   It’s good to be busy, right?  That’s one of those oxy-moronic questions I try not to state usually.

Anyway, today’s song is a stream of consciousness song I wrote for my song a days last year.  It’s a little wordy, but what can I say, I was making most of it up as I went along.   Thanks for listening!


Bigger Head, Bigger Dummy (song of the day)

I figured I’d get the week off in a rocking manner.  This song is off of our “Dead Man’s Suit” album from a few years back and it’s always a fun one for us to play live.  It starts with the funny line “I’ve got a big fine boat but I don’t want to sail it,  I like the way it looks sitting in my back yard.  I would sail the seven seas if it weren’t for the fishes but they still call me Captain at the local bar”.  Thanks for listening!

Listen to the entire “Dead Man’s Suit” album here!

September 27th “Black Sheep in the Family”

It’s Monday once again and a rainy one too.  I’m not sure what inspired today’s song, it’s another one of those that just popped out when I sat down in front of the MacBook.  I love playing simple, bluesy, chicken pickin’-style solos like what I do all through this one.  You gotta love blues in F.   Thanks for listening!


May 17th “The Things We Do for Money”

Monday again and back on the recycling boat.  Of course I made the mistake of spending my whole weekend building my massive fence, so I’m starting the week sore; which is not a good thing.    Oh  well, at least today I managed to work, drive 130 miles, go to the library, return my mower and get a new one, practice for my golf tournament this weekend in Georgia, mow the grass (with my new cordless mower), write this song and the song for tomorrow (because I’ll be out of town) and hang out with my lovely wife and our pets (and watch the Lakers).

For some reason money is the subject for the second day in a row.   Honestly, it’s not something that’s on my mind right now for the first time in my life.  This must be how I’m exorcising those demons.


April 25th “Seven Ways from Sunday”

I got the quote that started today’s song from a great book I’m recording editing for author Kathy Godfrey called F’d.  It’s really good.  She’s got a lot of great phrasing in it and “Seven Ways from Sunday” is one that popped out at me.

I love to revert back to my major jazz chords to write.  I guess that’s my signature songwriting move (aside from trying to be funny).  Thanks for listening!!

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