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Too Far to Give Up Now (song)

Is  my life really this stressful or am I just stressing myself out?  I absolutely love Atlanta but I’ve had a hard time balancing work and life since I’ve been here.  But I’m working on it.  Maybe seeing Danzig live tonight is the answer.

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Today Here, Tomorrow the World Pt. 1

DaOne McGimpsey and I have worked together a bunch over the last ten years.  I’ve always felt like he is an extremely gifted songwriter that really knows how to tell a story and convey emotions in a song.  We first worked together on the classic ‘Team OX Family’ album then we got together and did his first solo record ‘Today Here, Tomorrow the World’.   This is the title track to that album that I produced and it sums up the different themes of the album.   I felt it was in line with my new year, new beginning theme I’ve had going.  Thanks for listening and check out DaOne’s albums on CDBaby, Amazon or iTunes.   

DaOne 'Today Here... Tomorrow the World'
DaOne 'Today Here... Tomorrow the World'



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May 19 “Sometimes You’ve got to Go and Get It”

Big week on the recycling boat once again.  But it’s over now and I’m heading to a golf tournament in Georgia.   I have barely played this year so I’m mainly going to have fun and to play some music with an old friend of mine.    I must admit, tonight’s came pretty fast and I recorded it as quickly.

Thanks for listening!


Jan 24 “Revelation of Education Dedication”

I’m catching back up today after being a song behind for about a week.  I’ve got another one almost ready to go that I’ll finish a little later today.

My amp is still in the shop so not much electric guitar in the near future.  Which is fine for now.  After all I have another 341 songs to write for this blog.

“Revelation of Education Dedication” is about enjoying the journey even when you’re upgrading yourself.  It actually sounds a little like “Give it More Time” a song off of the upcoming Chris Cates & the Master Plan album.