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Vlade for Three!!!!

Do you remember when the Hornets were in Charlotte and when they were good. Mugsey, LJ, Dell Curry and of course Vlade Divac.  Vlade was the man.   This is my tribute song to him that opens my ‘Getaway Plans’ album.

This song features the amazing Andrej Kurti on violin absolutely tearing it up!

Thanks for listening!

Pau Gasol Song. November 27th

I just had to do another NBA song.  Pau Gasol has been killing it this year.  The Laker’s new strategy is to let him be the high scorer most nights.  Kobe gets to rest up until crunch time while Pau gets serious consideration for MVP.  He’s definitely the best forward in the league now and Spain may give the U.S. a run in the London Olympics.  They’ve got Navarro and Ricky Rubio too.    Thanks for listening!


July 6th “Stay in Cleveland Lebron”

If you turn on any news source this week, there is a constant ticker about where Lebron James is gonna end up next season.   It would be intriguing to see him on another team but it would be a much cooler story if he stays in his home state and brings them a championship.   The economy of Cleveland really depends on him and his image.   I hope he stays and they bring Carlos Boozer and Brendon Haywood in.   To me that’s the best scenario.

Anyway, I figured I’d jump on the news bandwagon and do a song about it.  I started writing it hip hop but it turned more into Queen or something like that.