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No Such Thing as Luck

**Warning**  Huge guitar solo!  Today’s tune is about how sometimes true love seems more like fate than luck.

“It’s possible, that I knew you in another life, we were like old friends and lovers at first sight”

This one was written and partially recorded in Asheville then completed at my studio in Atlanta and on a solar farm in Statesboro, Georgia.

The guitar solo is another exercise in simplicity and like Billy Talbot said about Neil Young’s lead guitar one time, it’s only “big notes”.  I try to use space in a guitar solo as much as I play notes.  I guess I’m getting old and don’t want to use acrobatics anymore (that takes too much practice).

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The Sun Dog is an Omen

PT. 3 of my self motivational / crisis management song saga for the week.  This one rocks!!  Neil Young style.  Neil just didn’t do enough songs in D minor.   Anyway, in this one I see the sun dog in the sky and it is an omen to start kicking ass.   True story.

October 16th “A Ship to Fate”

What a beautiful fall day.  I hope I can finagle some sort of free golf round somewhere today, hopefully at the Grove Park Inn.   Today’s song tells a story about refugees leaving their home.   It’s kind of Neil Young-esgue in it’s vague imagery.  I haven’t done a piano song in a while.  Have a great day!



August 26th “Digging from the Bottom Up”

What a week.  Nothing like a good deal of hard labor to get the old blood flowing.  Now it’s time for a weekend of solo acoustic gigs.   The band has been on hiatus and I’m itching to get out gigging again with them.  We crank it back up next week luckily.

This song would not exist if Neil Young was not a mainstay in my music players during my formative years.  Writing songs like this remind me of my teenage years driving through the Pisgah forest.