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Rearview Destiny (song of the day)

Another work week has flown by.  Where does all the time go?   For me mostly sitting in my car in traffic in Cobb County.  I guess I have a lot of time to look in my rearview.   Thanks for listening!

My Town

I heard Hank III for the first time about seven years ago and it totally changed my musical style for a while.  “My Town” is definitely one that comes from that.  This is my tongue in cheek outlaw song about that guy that won’t leave his hometown no matter what.  Even with the cops on the lookout for him.   Thanks for listening!


Dead Man's Suit Chris Cates



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New Avenue. December 12th

We’ve got the first decent snow here today.  About four or five inches so far.  Luckily I made a late night run back from Georgia just before it started getting heavy.  I’m evidently continuing on my ‘change’ theme this week with today’s tune.  I should be singing about how I thankfully won’t be doing any driving today.  Thanks for listening!

Rearview Destiny. November 21st

More awesome weather in Asheville.  Which somehow led to a song about a desperate character driving through the desert.   A logical subject for a beautiful Sunday afternoon in western North Carolina.  Thanks for listening!