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Where the Hell are My Keys. December 20th

*Beware*  you will sing this song all day (and the words aren’t the most positive thing to be singing).  I’ve had more driving issues today, which I won’t get into which makes this song appropriate.  I wrote this the other week after looking for my keys for five hours and not finding them.  For some very odd reason they were found (the next day) in a decorative pillow case that I had not been any where near. I guess I got funny song out of the deal.



Momentous Lapse of Reason. December 15

I haven’t rocked it out heavy metal style in a while.  Playing drums on this one reminded me of the days when I played drums in our 9th grade band, Armageddon.  I was really into Nicko McBrain and Lars Ulrich at the time and I mostly just played fills instead of a constant beat.  The opposite of now, since I mostly play constant beats and not many fills.  Ah, how we become more refined with age.