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Perpetual Hustle. December 2nd

Day two of my new life in Atlanta.   Definitely a big change from my reclusive North Carolina life.  I love the energy of the city though.  I’m out getting my hustle on trying to make some things happen.   So far so good although I do miss having my dog Mozart with me (and of course Adair).   That’s kind of what today’s song is about.  Thanks for listening!


Wondering if it Will Ever Be Like This. December 1st

Well I started a brand new job today.   In Atlanta.   Major life change, to say the least.   Yesterday I was recycling in the cold and rain, dodging cars on Bost Road and today I’m in traffic jams for four hours at least (and getting paid for it).  A bit of culture shock but mostly in the positive sense.   I can safely say I was never wondering if it will ever be like this.   Thanks for listening!