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Silly Things

This is a new song that I haven’t released yet.  I’ve been saving it because I think it has potential. This is just the demo version of what is to come.  It will probably be on my next album if it fits the format.  It’s got a great message for all you lovers out there.

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June 22nd “In Love with Being In Love”

Some people love to be in love.   Sometimes, so much that they do it over and over again unsuccessfully (or otherwise, if that’s what they’re going for).   It’s almost like they’re in love with being in love.  Which is not a bad thing, what feeling is better?    But if you’re going just for that loving feeling (how Righteous) only, heartbreak is probably hiding behind a dreadful conversation somewhere down the line.

I like to look at it from the positive standpoint however.   Be in love with being in love and love loving your loved one and love doing it.