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Waiting on Providence. December 5th

I’ve been listening to a lot of biographies of early American presidents and they always seem to be talking about providence.  ‘Providence’ is one of those words that can have so many meanings.  I tend to look at it as meaning good fortune.  Back in the Revolution however, it had a deadly meaning of victory or destruction.   Anyway, I haven’t done a spiritual type song lately.   I guess it was providence that I would again.



July 15th “No Limit on Love”

I had  a good friend who had a terrible loss this week.   It was very heart wrenching and I’ve thought about him a lot.   It made me re-examine the love I give and receive in life.   I do a decent job (especially to the animals) but I know I can always do better.  We don’t think about that enough as human beings.

That’s what inspired “No Limit on Love”.  The chorus is one of my favorites so far “There is no limit on love, ask for as much as you want, you deserve it”.


July 10th “You’ve Got a Life to Get it Right”

It’s that time of year again when my wife and I are questioning everything we’re doing and wondering if it’s time to move to a bigger market.  For our respective careers, western NC is not exactly the best.   We love it here for every other reason but is it holding us back?

Anyway, through the constant fears and speculation, I told my wife I’d write a song for her to feel better.   and here it is.    I haven’t written a motivational one in a while.   I hope it inspires you.